• Standard Designs
The Fluidized Fill Shoe helps to evenly dispense the powder into the die cavity. Often times achieving higher green part weights in a more consistent range than provided by traditional fill shoes. Some sizes are direct replacement for the stock fill shoe included with the press. Thrusters, rails, and hold-down hardware are available as an options for the standard fill shoe.
• Fluidizing Loops
Inert gas is dispensed into the powder inside the fill shoe to reduce its flow resistance before it is dropped in the die cavity. A porous cover of the Fluidized Fill Shoe allows the gas to be vented while retaining all particulate material.
• Designing Custom Solutions
Dsc00242MATSYS designs and builds Fluidized Fill Shoe systems to meet the customer’s requirements, including special powders, part shapes or custom press. Examples include design and fabrication of a special insert with fluidizers to match a customer existing fill shoe for a large press, and “fluidizing fingers” for a rotary press.
• Retrofitting Existing Systems With Low-Cost Fluidizer

MATSYS designs and builds fluidizers with many different shape and sizes to retrofit an existing fill shoe. This is a low cost solution to get familiar with the technology. Fluidizers are installed inside the existing fill shoe, venting screens are installed at the top of the fill shoe and a control box is used to control the gas supplied to the fluidizer.

MATSYS can install a retro-fit loop on any size or shape filler.
The number of loop geometries and sizes are limitless.

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